About Me

Who is this girl?

My name is Eustacia Tan (Tan Pei Ling Eustacia, if you're looking for my full name), and I'm an incurable learner. I suppose that's what happens when you raise a child on books - I've been reading since I was young, and that has led to an interest in a wide variety of subjects. I even enjoyed going to school!

I was born in Singapore, and the first few years of my life made me very well-travelled. I spent four months in Medan, Indonesia, and then stayed in England for a year. These globe-trotting times have led to a sense of wanderlust, and although I haven't thrown away my current life to go traveling (yet), I did make the decision to study overseas in Japan, where I now spend my time studying and traveling.

Now, I mentioned my school mottos in the 'Welcome' Page, so I'd like to introduce my schools. My primary and secondary school was Methodist Girls' School, a wonderful place where I learnt without feeling too pressured. I'm sure my teachers remember me as the girl who was always reading. One time, I even caused a small fuss because I cried while reading 'The Giving Tree' under the table during a lesson. My Junior College years was spent at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), where I underwent the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. I had a lot of fun with English HL and Business and Management HL, as well as writing my Extended Essay on the Judas Archetype in Endo Shusaku's "Silence". I graduated with a score of 41 points out of 45.

And as you may be able to tell from my Extended Essay topic, I have a fascination with Japan. Thankfully, I managed to win the Monbukagakusho Scholarship and came to Japan last year. I spent 2012 studying Japanese at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and entered Kyushu University in April of 2013.

Right now, I'm engaged in a wide variety of projects, including editing an online magazine called "An Excuse For Company", helping Amberbrook, a Non-Profit Organization, reading challenges, and of course, blogging.