Friday, 25 November 2016

Instafreebie Book Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (If you celebrate)

Wow, I have not posted to this blog in ages. I was thinking that NaNoWriMo would make me more active, but... it seems not. Then again, I'm behind on my NaNo wordcount (oops!) so my main focus right now is to get back on track and win before the end of the month. But that's not what this post is about.

I'm posting this because I'm participating in my first ever group giveaway! I am, as you can guess, incredibly excited about this!

The giveaway is for Horror and Urban Fantasy books. There are 45 books in total, and you get get most of them free from Instafreebie! (And if it's not a free copy, it'll be a free sample)

In particular, I really recommend The Ninth Circle by Lincoln Cole (link leads to my review) and Underneath by M.N. Arzu (again, link leads to review, if you want to read more). I read and enjoyed both of them very much, and if you think they sound good from my review, then definitely go pick them up - The Ninth Circle is free and Underneath is a free sample.

Get your free books here